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Weight Loss Mastery for Shift Workers: 100% Free Course

Hi Everyone, If you are reading this and struggling with a skinny fat physique and wanting to learn the precise strategies for reversing skinny fat, my new (free) Udemy course is a must have.

Link course :

Not sure what a skinny fat physique is? Well, I was a skinny fat (see below);

skinny fat

Yep, I am on the left (and right)

So I figured it out and decided to design a free Udemy course specific to this type of physique and how to reverse it using very specific nutrition and training strategies.

It’s a free course. Go to my personal instructor profile on Udemy and look for “The Skinny Fat Solution” course. 

Let me know what you think 🙂


New Course : Porting FreeRTOS on Arduino,STM32Fx,ARM

I am so  excited to announce that, my new course “Mastering RTOS: Hands on with FreeRTOS , Arduino, STM32Fx ”  is now live on udemy.

With respect to my earlier announcement, This is the last call to get my new course worth of US $90 , just @ $10. You can save $80 .


“This is a Practical course on freeRTOS which is about ~13 Hrs and contains 130 video tutorial + 22 useful articles on freeRTOS.”

I love porting of stacks and RTOS to newer architectures, because that’s where you learn most, so in this course I have covered through lots of videos and articles all the architecture specific codes of ARM cortex M Processor line by line, which enables you to port this tiny kernel to any MCU you have at your hand. It’s fun! Try it!

This course indeed changes the way you think about RTOS and Its internal implementation details. It’s not hard , its indeed super simple, only thing is we need to dig in to the implementation.

The Udemy market place price for this course is $90 considering its duration and quality! But with the below link you can grab this course at the lowest udemy purchase price, Yes just $10.

The below link has embedded coupon and its limited for the first “20 members only”.

Please take time to read full course description and also you can watch free preview videos.

If you are not sure whether this course is appropriate for you, remember that you have 30 days during which you can request a no-questions-asked refund. So, at the end you have nothing to lose.

I look forward to learning with you and please send me message if you have any doubts to be clarified.

Kiran Nayak

Python Programming For Beginners

If you wonder yourself what programming language you should learn when you feel disappointed with C, C++, PHP language, or there are some points you can’t get through, don’t hesitate to take your time starting with this video lecture.

Python course

Either you are seeking for courses which can improve your Python or start your career in an amazing way, Python course is right here for you.

What is Python?

Python is the simplest programming language which is less complicated and no memory management is required compared with other languages such as C, C++. It is also a practical language which is totally different from Ruby, and much simpler than Java. Although it has a lot of advantages, there are many disadvantages.

Python has been widely used in many parts of the world recently (,,, and surprising, it is proven by the proof that many leading companies in the world including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Dropbox have gradually applied Python in some activities.

Besides, it is renowned for being used to create OpenStack, which is known as the most famous public cloud system in the world ( and high-level programming language for building webs, calculating and much more (


  • To provide learners the basic concepts of Python and how to use it to get the best results, or tips to avoid some problems.
  • To check students’ codes and help you improve your performance in writing the codes based the standard ones (Pep8, Pythonic). This process might use Git, helping students to experience with the latest code source. (
  • To supply you with the best knowledge which is given by the expert, allowing you to master in Python ((Pythonista, and command line/TDD/git/github/IDE).
  • To help you set the direction after you finish Python courses.

The First Rank On Google Strategies Comes True

When you read this story, it means that you are really interested in learning ways how to put your sites on the first page of Google Search Engine. If you find your ways for SEO to keep in track and evaluate your web or don’t know which factors will affect your results on Google, Search Engine Optimization courses will come straight to you.


If you feel alone, let’s think again because there are many people find it their problems. Even though when you get the basics of SEO, you might face some problems when more and more people fill this field, therefore, careful preparation must be required so that you can get a stable and profitable job.

When you are looking for it somewhere, but it doesn’t work for you. Come with Udemy, and you can deal with them properly. Basically, with the aim of helping learners cope with problems caused by SEO, these courses or video lectures which are 100% taught and made by the experienced expert instructors will give you instructions in details, so you can step by step apply what you’ve learned in a reality. There are more than 215 ( 152 courses for all levels, 152 classes for beginners, 22 courses for intermediate levels, and 1 for experts) available for you. If you worry that this will steal your money from your pocket, make another choice to make it reduced with so many Udemy codes here. Enjoy best deals now!

Udemy Coupons, known as the world’s leading online learning marketplace, can provide expert instructors and learners with a fast and professional-looking website so that they can interact with each other efficiently through videos and flatforms which can be offered to the public at either no charge or at a fraction of prices. On averange, over 35 000 courses which cover all areas given by the best 19.000 teachers are uploaded to Udemy per year, and it continues to grow.

In fact, it offers students so many online courses in the areas of health & fitness, education, languages, sports and more. Especially, learners can ask any questions and give feedback after completing a course and teachers will gives students more opportunites to discover everything themselves through group discussion topics, therefore, it is hardly surprising that this method can have better results than traditional teaching methods.

How about the fees? Udemy can supply you with either at no charge or for a tuition fee which can give learners 100% secure by using Credit card or Paypa. However, thanks to the advantages of Udemy coupon codes, students can have a great chance of reducing prices or free access to the course and no money is exchanged in this process, allowing you to save more on your pocket. To find Udemy coupon codes, it had better that you should search on the internet or access to the coupon code pages. There are 2 pages available for you to choose from which will permit you to get the unique and the latest Udemy coupons from either page or experienced instructors.

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